Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Quick Snapshot

As promised here are some adorable (yes, I am bias) photos from the start of our summer. As bad as I have been at blogging I have been equally bad at snapping pictures too, so until I raid my mom's camera and get some good ones, these will have to do.

Hope everyone gets a chance to kick back and read some trashy magazine on the beach :)


Daily Mom

Hello me!

Just relaxing on the beach

Oh no she didn't!

Her first piece of sea glass!

I'm funny! Hahah.


Family Time!

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  1. Look how big she is getting!!! That first picture is the BEST! Love it!

    And don't forget to post pictures of your growing belly so I can be one of those weird people that comes up and touch your belly (on the computer screen) (does that make it even weirder?)



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